Terms & Conditions

Booking Information and Terms

  • A reservation is not confirmed until an official confirmation as per the booking process detailed below is issued by Niseko East.
  • An accommodation deposit payment is required to hold a reservation. The accommodation deposit must be paid within 5 days of the accommodation invoice date. Failure to issue payment within this payment period will result in cancellation of the reservation unless other arrangements are made.
  • If the check in date is less than 60 days from the initial accommodation request. An accommodation payment to the value of 100% of the overall booking cost will be required within the 5-day payment period in order to confirm the booking. Payment for accommodation balances must be received no later than 60 days prior to the check in date.
  • For stays in February and March 2017 accommodation balances must be received no later than November 30th 2016.
  • Failure to settle accommodation balances within the payment period may result in the associated reservation being cancelled unless other arrangement are made.

Please note: Only requests sent through the Roomboss system will be accepted as official reservations.

How the Booking Works

  • Guest sends request via the Roomboss system or direct email contact.
  • Niseko East will provide information via email on availability and pricing and request a confirmation from you should the property be available for booking.
  • Guest to confirm the intention to proceed with the booking.
  • Niseko East will provide an accommodation deposit invoice to the value of 20% of the overall accommodation cost.
  • The guest is required to settle the invoice within the allocated payment period (Within 5 days of the invoice issue date).
  • Once the accommodation deposit is received, Niseko East will provide a booking confirmation, receipt for payment and issue the accommodation balance invoice for the remaining 80% of the overall accommodation cost.
  • The guest is required to settle the accommodation balance invoice within the allocated payment period (30th of November 2016).
  • Niseko East will provide a confirmation and receipt for the balance received. Once accommodation balance has been received in full you will be issued with an invoice payment record detailing payments received by Niseko East for your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of a booking must be made in writing (email) and addressed to [email protected]
  • Bookings will remain current or standing until written acknowledgement is received by the guest in reply to the cancellation request.
  • Cancellation of a booking after receiving the Niseko East booking confirmation email and more than 2 months prior to the check in date will incur a loss of accommodation deposit or a fee equal to the value of 20% of the overall cost of the cancelled reservation.
  • A cancellation less than two months prior to the check in date or after the 30th of November 2016 will incur a fee equal to 100% of the remaining unpaid booking value.
  • Niseko East will not be held liable for any expenses, costs or losses incurred as a result of any change or cancellation to a reservation.

Please note: Niseko East accepts reservations on a first come first serve basis. Reservations will be sold to the first guest who confirms a reservation and pays the accommodation deposit/ accommodation balance within the allocated payment period.

Accommodation Invoice Payment Methods

Niseko East will accept the following accommodation payments methods:

Payment via Bank Transfer: (+0%)
Payment via Pay Pal (+3.5%)

Prior to making your accommodation payment you will be issued with an accommodation invoice. Should you choose to pay the invoice using the PayPal method an additional fee of 3.5% of the accommodation invoice total will be required in order to secure the booking. This 3.5% fee will included in the total amount displayed within the guest intranet link you will receive at the time your accommodation payment request is issued by Niseko East.

Please note: Intermediary bank charges, international transfer fees and other fees associated with sending payments are the responsibility of the payee and will under no circumstance be covered by Niseko East. The actual amount received in the Niseko East bank account will be the amount credited to your stay as payment.

Check-in and check-out times/Room Cleaning Policy

All Niseko East properties have strict check in and check out policies. These policies ensure that we can prepare the property to the highest possible standard in between and prior to guests checking in. We ask that all guests adhere to the following check in/check out times and terms and conditions.

  • Check in time: No Earlier than 15:00 (3:00pm) All Niseko East Properties are available for check in no earlier than 15:00 (3:00pm). An early check in may be possible in some cases. A Niseko East representative will contact with you via the details you provide at the time of book and will inform you if early check in is possible.
  • Check out time: No Later than 10:00am (no exceptions) On the day of check out please ensure your guests vacate the Niseko East property no later than 10:00am. A flat hourly late check out fee of ¥15,000 will be charged to the credit card details provided by your representative upon check in for each hour after 10:00am the property is occupied. Please note no exceptions will be given for late checkouts.

Room Cleaning will be carried out periodically as listed below.

  • Daily: Rubbish Removal , Snow Clearing as required.
  • Every three days: Towel Changes
  • Every four days: Bedding Changes, Quick Room Clean
  • After Checkout: Full Room Clean, Towel and Bedding changes ready for next guests.

Damage to accommodation, fixtures, fittings and security deposits

  • As a Niseko East guest you accept responsibility for loss and damage to the accommodation, fittings, furniture and keys during their occupation of Niseko East accommodations.
  • A valid Credit Card and Passport scan will be required from your representative at the time of check in as a security deposit. You authorize us to charge your credit card, charges or penalties associated with property damage, repairs, cleaning or replacements that occur during the time you occupy the accommodation.
  • Niseko East will not be responsible for loss of possessions, lift passes, rental equipment or miscellaneous belongings that occur during occupation of Niseko East Properties.

Non-Smoking Policy

  • All Niseko East properties are non-smoking. In some cases, a designated outdoor smoking area may be available to guests and the location will be explained at the time of check in.
  • If guests smoke inside any Niseko East accommodation they will be issued with a warning. Should guests continue to smoke after the initial warning, Niseko East reserves the right to evict guests from the accommodation without refund of any accommodation balance.
  • If guests do smoke in any of the Niseko East accommodations, they will be charged additional cleaning costs. This can include but is not limited to; cleaning costs relating to odor removal, repair and replacement due to cigarette burns, costs incurred in compensating later guests who are affected by the smell of smoking, costs incurred by the owner of the property for bookings that need to be relocated to a different property.

Misconduct Policy

  • If you or a members of your party behave in a way that causes or is likely to cause danger, upset or distress to a third party, or intentionally damages the accommodation, Niseko East will be entitled to, without prior notice issued, curtail the stay and request that the person(s) concerned leave the accommodation immediately.
  • No refunds will be issued by Niseko East. No return travel arrangements will be put in place by Niseko East. Under no circumstance will Niseko East be held responsible or will cover any expenses or costs incurred by the guest as a result of such a curtailment.

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