Let's start with summer, beautiful mild days with daytime temps averaging around 23 celsius making perfect conditions for all sporting activities and sightseeing, the nights dropping to around 14 celsius for the most comfortable of sleeping conditions. Expect around 16 hours of sunlight a day and a few days of rainfall as well. It is this unique mix of long periods of sunlight and moisture that make for some of the greenest conditions you will ever see.


It starts in Siberia with extremely cold dry winter air masses that make their way across the Siberian Plateau heading towards the Sea of Japan. When striking the Sea of Japan they mix with cool sea temps causing massive convection which in turn mixes with unstable upper air masses and strong jetstreams. This Unique combination of conditions causes some of the largest, driest amounts of snow on the planet.

The riding season in Niseko starts late November and officially runs until early May, however ridable snow can still be found late into May and into June.


With a base averaging around a metre you can expect large dry snowfalls onto a building base. Expect a lot of bumps and jumps on the Off Piste areas as the base is still in the process of building, the trees, boulders, creeks are all mostly covered leaving lots of undulations and bumps for you to enjoy. The Groomers are immaculate of course and fully open. The crowds haven’t arrived yet , allowing you to enjoy untracked conditions at your will.

January - The Building Season

This is when Niseko receives most of its snow, the coldest temperatures are here , averaging around -2 to -8 celsius at the base. Expect a base of around 2 to 3 metres at the top of the mountain . All the obstructions are covered and the back country is open for those with the experience and the gear. Don't expect too many sunny days in January, just pow and lots of it. Get up early, ride the first lifts and enjoy first tracks on the groomers and side terrain, then head through one of the gates into the backcountry to experience waist deep powder like you've never imagined. But please remember the Niseko Rukes and always obey them please. We always recommend a guide and all the right back country gear before heading out there to make your experience a safe and enjoyable one.

February - The Riding Season

This is the most popular riding season as the snow is still dumping but the base at the top of the mountain has stabilized at around 4-5 metres and the temps have increased slightly. This is the month that the sun starts to poke its head out a bit more making for some awesome conditions.


The crowds have thinned out, the sun is back but the occasional snow storm is still lurking around. A great month for Backcountry hiking or riding impeccable groomers with a layer or two less of clothes. The accommodation prices have dropped, the base at the top is still 4-5 meters making this a very good time to visit .


Temperatures are on the rise, the snow starts its slow melt. A great time for young families to teach their kids how to ride, the chilling temps have gone, the sun is out and the snow is soft and inviting. The locals are seen everyday practicing their carving and their turns whilst wearing T shirts and pants.

As with all snow resorts no one can accurately predict the weather and sometimes the season blows us away with its above average conditions, at other times it underperforms. The above conditions are based on an average season. We are all very positive at Niseko East.

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